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Start by picking three different date ideas like mini golf, bowling, or hiking, then let them choose one. The choices you offer up will give your date a better feel for your personality and incorporates them into the process of planning the date. Be creative and consider interests your date has mentioned in passing conversation. Suggest a physical activity.

7 First Date Tips for Non-Drinkers

Suggest a date idea such as surfing or kayaking that will get those muscles working. Nothing wrong with a little huffing and puffing. Do you have family or friends who are non-drinkers? Ask them if they have any tips for non-drinking dates. Friends and family who have been doing it longer will usually have wisdom to spare on the subject. Calm your nerves or amp yourself up. Many people like drinks on a first date to calm their nerves. As a non-drinker, find the best way for you to soothe those anxious first date jitters.

Meditation is great, because it allows your mind to calm and let go of chattering stray thoughts. Other people like herbal tea. Experiment and see what works best for you. Others drink on a first date to get amped up, so they can be high energy when they meet someone new. If you find you want to get pepped up, try a caffeinated beverage like loose leaf tea or coffee.

These will give you the extra zing that you need to wake up. Keep an open mind about it and communicate honestly with your dates about your feelings about the subject. I have quite a few friends who date successfully in my circles and who never drink. Here are two quick hints. Are you open to dating people who do drink? If so, there is a broad spectrum within the world of drinkers: They often do so with friends or family, over Netflix or video games or some such.

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The other end of the spectrum mainly drinks in bars it can be helpful, especially if you have a fraught relationship with the addictive nature of alcohol, to keep it confined to a specific setting, and to pay a bit more money for each drink in order to continue disincentivizing it to yourself. But in a bar, there's nothing for non-drinkers to do; drinking at home, everyone can continue to do whatever they want. So keep an eye out for people who don't like bars, since they're easier to find than your fellow teetotallers would be.

Recognize that yes, some people, including myself, simply wouldn't want to date you for the sheer fact you don't drink, and there's nothing really wrong with that. No, I don't think there's anything wrong with not dating me over it. I'm not offended by what people were saying last night I was more just wondering how commonplace that sentiment was.

I actually do not think it's as commonplace as it may seem. Lots of people drink in their 20s but really see it as a vice, and a small fraction of people are just looking for an excuse to slow down.

Being A Non-Drinker Ruins My Social Life

I don't mind going to coffee shops though, hot chocolate and pastries I'm totally in to For that matter, I don't even mind going to bars if nobody cares I'm staying sober. I'm the same way. On okc there are Profile Details and match answers which will let you tell people that you aren't interested in drinking. I don't really drink much except for the occasional cider , it's never really been a problem.

Sometimes people get weird if you stick to water which I've never understood , but when I drank sodas nobody ever really had a problem. In my friend group, basically one of the few that doesn't drink.

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Like you, personal choice and I've seen some shit go down to people close to myself and my dad who couldn't put down that bottle. I like to remain in control of myself as much as humanly possible, so I don't drink. It never interested me anyway. Luckily my friend group now is totally understanding of it, and I don't get questions anymore. It's not something I broadcast or just outright tell people because it doesn't add anything to discussion, but for awhile I felt sort of alienated. A lot of people in college didn't talk to me besides needing help with calculus because I wasn't keen on drinking.

And listed if you live life on a bar stool, please don't msg me..

8 Best Free Sober Dating Sites (12222)

I also don't like coffee either. Not once has a guy brought it up, don't seem to have any problems finding dates or places to meet. It hasn't been an issue. I'm substance free and always have been but haven't had any problems with dating.

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The only time it's been a hinderance is when someone wanted to go on a wine tour vineyards are lovely but it was an activity that wouldn't have made sense for me so we did something else instead. But "grabbing a drink" or heading to a bar is just as fun and it's no big deal ordering a water or asking the bartender to get creative. It's never been a deal breaker. The one thing I have found a little awkward is the initial time when they find out I don't drink.

It takes a bit of reassuring to tell them it's totally fine, order what you want, I don't have any judgments, no I'm not uncomfortable, I don't care that you drink, etc. My boyfriend doesn't drink, but I do. What I've found is that people ask the first time they notice and then move on.

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No one really cares. Occasionally, someone will ask me, in private, if he's a recovering alcoholic. I say no and they get over it. You could try meeting people during other activities.

Sober Dating – Club Soda

I host some meetups, although the ones involving drinking usually have a better turnout. At the same time, I have talked to other people in different meetups, and they said they were not interested in ones which revolved around drinking. I used to not drink much, most people are surprised when they see me drinking now. But things change, everyone has their preference.

I don't need to drink, but find it an easier way to meet people. I also know some people who do not drink, but will just get a club soda and lime, so it looks like they could be drinking. I hear you about wanting to be in control. Usually I know my limit and will cut myself off, which some people are amazed I can do, while other interpret it as me not having fun.

There are some who do not trust people who don't drink in a crowd. They wonder if there are ulterior motives, potentially trying to take advantage of a situation. I think the real issue comes down to people feeling that it's a huge difference in lifestyle- which, to a degree, it is, but if you're still willing to go out to bars and hang out at clubs, etc.

Are you one of those high and mighty "I don't need to drink to have fun! My friends tend to have different reactions to these three types of people.