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Instead you live someplace shitty… like Kansas or Missouri or some place like that. Good luck with that. My actual girlfriend comes from the Moldavian section of Romania. This is what Bucharest looks like, by the way. This is mostly because I hate lists; lists and their stupidity.

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Even though my girlfriend speaks excellent English, we often have an impossible time understanding what the other one is saying, due to bizarre accents, utterly different life experiences she grew up under a Communist dictator, I… hung out at the mall a lot , and random intrinsic differences in language. There is no such expression in Romanian.

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In Romanian, the equivalent saying is: We both stared at each other as though the other person was insane. With my past American girlfriends, I was always running out of conversation. This never happens if you date a foreign girl. There are always bizarre differences to discuss.

For example, yesterday, Sylvia was trying to tell me about Romanian folk-traditions.

Dating a Foreign Girl: 6 Great Tips for Making It Work |

I was sort of very saddened by the idea of the loss of tiny beans carrying away sheep; but still, hilarious. For everything like this, there is a parallel for my foreign girl — any foreign girl — and American-related stuff.

Final bizarre Romanian thing anecdote; and again, this can stand in for any foreign girl whatsoever: There were eggs at the crucifixion. So many questions were occurring to me at this point.

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Did his mom bring them in case Jesus got hungry while being nailed to the cross? The amount of confusion taking place on both our sides at this point was still massive. I really had to pause and think at this point.

And every day is like that. You just never run out of conversation. And foreign girls are good at sex too. And they smoke cigarettes, which I personally find to be incredibly sexy. Your own opinion on this matter may differ, though. This is just some friendly advice at this point. I chose Romania on purpose. Romania is beautiful, but poor, thanks to years of Communism.

So make sure that you move to the right place.


Romania is incredibly cheap, too; due to the years of awful Communism that fucked over their whole country. A loaf of bread costs twenty-five cents here. A beer is sixty cents. They moved there because France was cheap as fuck compared to America at the time. I moved to a real country for a real reason.

I have trouble understanding what my foreign girl is saying sometimes, and she has the same problem with me. Sure, there are attractive women in America, but one of the biggest health issues facing the wealthier nations in the world is obesity. Foreign women, on the other hand, tend to take better care of themselves and stay in shape and age better.

The Pros and Cons of Dating a Foreign Girl

Obesity is not a major issue in many of the countries where these women reside. Foreign women eat better, exercise more, and have sexier, slimmer figures than women from countries like the United States. In many of the areas where these women are from, such as Latin America, Eastern Europe, and South East Asia, women are not treated with respect and even worse in severe cases. You are actually more desirable overseas.

In the USA you can get sued for sexual harassment for just complimenting a female co-worker on her new haircut.

What Japanese Women Think of Dating Foreign Men (Interview)

With foreign dating, you get to learn a lot about someone before you ever meet them. There are several studies that actually document that relationships with foreign women that result in marriage have a lower divorce rate than most domestic marriages. The big reason for this is foreign women tend to respect their husbands much more than women in marriages that resulted from traditional domestic relationships. The daily grind can get old fast.

Many women in wealthy countries, like the United States, are incredibly materialistic and high-maintenance.