Hookup etiquette

Never hook up with more than two friends from the same social circle. Doing otherwise is a fast way to ensure that you're known as "that guy. Never hook up with the neighborhood gossip queen or people who are active in the social scene.

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Your sex life should stay private, and it's never a good look when all of Boystown knows whom you did, how you did him and where you did it. If you hook up with the town's gossip queen, people will know your penis size, your secret fetish, whether or not your middle toe is bigger than your big one, and how you like your coffee in the morning. Gossip is truly the lowest form of discourse, so don't be fodder for it. People who go out a lot will spill your business over a drunken conversation. Save yourself from all the secret pointing and whispering when you walk into the club and opt for a different evening suitor.

If neither of you can host, only hook up in five-star hotels.

Gay bathhouses are just trashy, and you might run into a gossip queen or a popular scenester if you go, which would be breaking two hookup rules. There's something European and slightly mysteriously sophisticated about checking into an upscale hotel and doing the deed there.

And you can order room service in the morning -- on him, of course. If you can see him being your boyfriend, only hook up with him after you're in the relationship.

Hookup culture: What kids miss out on with casual sex

Momma was so right when she said that if you give the milk away for free, no one will buy the cow. I don't care if you're a bottom, a top or versatile; we're all guys. Guys like what they can't have and are natural hunters. Make him work for it.

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If you truly like him, then wait until you're in a committed relationship, and the sex will be that much more special. Or he might have done the truly classy thing and sent you his next message via post, in which case it will arrive on your stoop in a couple weeks.

And there is nothing, NOTHING more annoying than cat-and-mouse after the mouse has already let you bite a little bit of its tail, if you follow my meta-fur. Anyways, the moral of the story is to not be afraid to text him texting is better than calling in this case. Ask him out for a drink, or, even better, just ask him how his day is going.

Guys love creativity in their love life, unless it involves excessive use of very flammable substances.

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I will split my response into two parts: Some guys have fetishes, some guys like to keep all their clothes on and apologize to the Lord during the act, and some guys might be surprised that you have different anatomy than they do. But there are some things that turn most guys on:. Of course, all rules can and should be broken.

  • Being Able to Follow Up Your Hookups Will Help Out a Lot, and We’re Sure of That…so Read On!.
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  • Skip to main content. But there are some things that turn most guys on: Use curse words, talk about specific body parts, talk about what you want him to do to you. Additionally, if you feel like your hookup is turning into something more, then your emotions are probably pushing you to seek a deeper connection with your partner, which can include sleeping over, hanging out the next morning and really anything that involves heightened communication.

    The clothes-lending dilemma plays a role here too, guys.

    Personal preference is another key factor when considering hookup etiquette, and it can easily intertwine with your intentions as well. Although personal characteristics are highly circumstantial, there are a few situations where definite guidance is necessary.

    Hookup Etiquette: Don't Ignore That Guy You Hooked Up With

    The first of these is the early-morning exit. Say you have to be somewhere at 8 a. So, does a morning-after hookup mean something deeper than its drunken predecessor?